Woven Compression Fabric

A unique material for optimal post-operative patient recovery

A new approach to compression

ISKO Vital™+ woven compression technology is the culmination of a multi-year development led by ISKO’s research laboratory. The resulting fabric has been both university and laboratory tested. When worn by a patient, this unique woven compression fabric with its high dynamic stiffness facilitates a micromassage effect on the skin, improving blood flow, reducing swelling, and helping patients to a more comfortable and faster post-operative recovery.

When we compared woven and knitted fabrics, we found that bi-stretch woven fabrics possessed better compression properties before and after washes and retain their durability after repeated use, whereas knitted stretchable fabrics lost their compression ability after repeated use.

Try it and see!

Find out why ISKO Medical’s new Medical Grade woven compression fabric ISKO VITAL™+ is the perfect recovery solution by trying out a swatch. Its outward-facing seams, soft cotton feel, and dynamic stiffness provide patient comfort and longer-lasting post-operative compression support. Request your swatch via this form.

About ISKO™

ISKO™ is a brand of SANKO TEKSTIL, the textile division of SANKO Group. SANKO is one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates, with over 14,000 employees worldwide and a turnover exceeding 3 billion USD. ISKO™ is a global leader, solution partner and driver of innovation, with over 200 sales experts, more than 100 R&D scientists and marketing teams on board. The company has offices in 35 countries worldwide.